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Truth be told, I've always been a sap for weddings. But weddings are much more than the cake, the dress, and the venue. A wedding, at its core, is a culmination.  Whether religious or not -- weddings combine two souls into one. Two separate lives, that have been traveling on two separate paths meet to continue life together forever. My job inevitably places me directly in the center of one of the most intimate moments within a couple's life and it's a privilege I hold near and dear.

Our past as a society and who we are as apeople are entirely held together by delicate memories within our being. But as time goes on, those delicate memories often fade away. Film has always been (and will continue to be) a medium for us to relive our past. 

I strive to capture each wedding with the slightest inclination that one day. One day far in the future -- when my couples are old and grey. And they have kids and their kids have kids. They will all gather around some futuristic tv and laugh at the outdated format of their wedding video.  One day they look back on their wedding day and will have a keepsake made by my hands. A video full of memories. Allowing them to relive their past.

"Brandon is an artist ... the wedding videos he created for us are
truly worthy of being called family heirlooms"

Wow, what can I say about Brandon that will convey just how amazing he was to work with for our wedding video? Brandon is an absolute artist. His work is beautiful, and the wedding videos he created for us are truly worthy of being called family heirlooms. I am absolutely blown away by his talent. Beyond that, Brandon was such a pleasure to work with, both on our wedding day and pre/post-wedding. He is professional, punctual, and the absolute best hype man anyone could ask for ... He not only made my husband and I feel super confident, he made us feel COMFORTABLE which is honestly extremely difficult when being followed by a camera all day. I have watched our wedding footage dozens of times, and I love it more each time. 
-Abby + Greg H.