Hey! I'm Brandon

I started my film making career about 4 years ago making videos for friends and family. I never expected to be a videographer, but my hobby blossomed into a full blown career and I've been enjoying the ride ever since! Eventually I moved on to under some amazing wedding filmmakers around Georgia and learned the ins and outs of wedding videography and fell in love.


I began to really find a love for the small, intricate details each film held. And all the memories encased in each clip. Film became a creative outlet from the stresses of life and eventually let to the creation of my very own business in late 2020. The name comes from my terrible memory. In college, I began making videos about everyday life for me to always be able to remember those moments in life, and I feel that perfectly embodies why I started Memory Films. So you'll always have a way to look back on those special moments in your life.

I primarily shoot weddings but I also get the opportunity to shoot commercial work, parties, and even some drone contract work every now and then. No matter what your event is, I'm happy you stumbled upon my business and am here to answer any questions you have!


About me personally, I've been married to my college sweetheart for two years now, and we recently welcomed our firstborn son, Ayden, into the world back in September 2020. Yes, I have a whole family (I promise I'm older than I look). I'm obsessed with Chipotle, biking, and spending waaaay too much money on Amazon.